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Including Angle Section and H Bars

Before the introduction of Composite Cladding, insulating roofs involved the use of large quantities of Tee bars, H Bars and Angle section complete with white or foil faced insulation boards, lining panels, moisture barriers and other accessories plus a lot of labour.
Today as a result of the introduction of Composite Cladding there is little demand for Tee & H Bars other than for repairs, as a result many manufacturers have ceased production. SLE Cladding Ltd. can manufacture to order in Galv, White Polyester and Colorcoat Plastisol in 3 metre lengths as detailed below. To see our pages on Composite Cladding CLICK HERE


Galvanised angle section, size  25mm high x 25mm wide used for enclosing and supporting an area of insulation boards. SLE cladding can produce these and other sizes in 3 metre lengths in Galv, White Polyester and Colorcoat Plastisol.


The traditional Tee Bar, used over purlin or suspended on wires as part of a suspended ceiling. Tee bars are still manufactured in Galv, size 25mm high x 38mm wide in lengths up to approx 4.57 m. (15ft).  SLE Cladding Ltd can produce in house other sizes (right hand drawing above) in angle form in 3 metre lengths for the customer to form by pop riveting back to back. Available  in Galv, White Polyester or Plastisol.

Now virtually unobtainable due to little demand and the constant upgrading of the insulation board thickness, requiring expensive retooling by manufacturers. SLE Cladding Ltd  no longer has a manufactured supply of H Bars, but can supply its own version ( centre drawing) in 3 metre lengths consisting of two channels back to back which the customer pop rivets together.
This has the added advantage that variations can be produced (right hand drawing) to join insulation board of varying thicknesses or to insert secondary insulated glazing of a different thickness under roof lights. If you have a problem, talk it through with our sales staff.
For further information please contact SLE Cladding Ltd. Tel. 01948 666 321. Fax.  01948 66 55 32.

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