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In Superior Seconds Quality

Typical Packs of Shrink Wrapped Superior Seconds Quality Rockwool Composite Panels.


A Close up Corner View of the Above Packs

135mm FIREWALL panels thermally modelled to take into account both vertical and horizontal joints. (Note Scale rises from 0 at the bottom to 20 at the top in units of 1no.).


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For Full Technical Specification Performance and Properties


Prime Quality FIREWALL Rockwool Panels (unnoticed) are to be found in large constructions throughout the UK in circumstances were any fire could have disastrous consequences for both life and property, Buildings ranging from supermarkets to prestige buildings and high risk manufacturing etc.

These panel are manufactured to exacting quality standards and at prices ranging from 30.00 to 70.00 per square metre, they do not come cheap.  Thus pricing themselves out of the smaller commercial and Industrial user markets.

Such exacting standards means that panels are rejected for the smallest of imperfection, from a small dint in the outer panel or insulation or even the mere suspicion of a poorly made joint. The vast majority of these panels being perfectly serviceable and useable for their original intended use.

SLE CLADDING Ltd is able to offer these Firewall panels for sale in "Superior Seconds" quality at a fraction of the cost of prime quality

         We see these panels being attractive for the following uses:-

  • The construction of small cold stores for Shops, Pubs, Farm Shops etc.

  • Division walls for factories.

  • Firewalls.

  • The containment of  areas with a high fire risk.

  • Division walls for converting large areas into Office Space.

  • Within a large building. The building of small storage units to rent out.

  • The Building of bespoke Porto-cabin type constructions.

  • Their Sound Absorbency Properties. Enclosing noisy machinery etc.


  • For small constructions such as offices with adjoining walls at 90 degrees. No supporting framework other than a channel at top and bottom and flashings on corners are required for walls up to 5 metres high.

  • Easily dismantled and re-usable, i.e. new office layouts.

  • Easy to cut with a Jig Saw.

  • Easy to Fix.

  • Very Cost Effective.

  • Tax Efficient. (UK only). Because Firewall panels usually form a virtually free standing structure in their own right, they can be readily dismantled and re-used.  Thus for tax purposes they can be classed with machinery and be depreciated at the rate of 25% or more per annum. In certain circumstances and in development areas this can rise to 100 %. Consult your accountant.


  • Panels are very heavy. A forklift Truck is needed to unload them. They have a coverwidth of 1 metre. The 60mm thick weighs 15.5 kg. per square metre (34.1775 Lbs), the 150mm thick panel 24.4 kg per square metre (65.709 Lbs) and the 175mm thick weighs 26.9 kg. per square metre (59.3145 Lbs).


  • On small orders there will be some waste as sheets are supplied as "being near to size above" and not cut to size as with "Prime Quality" For the larger order the manufacturer is prepared to cut to size.

  • There is no guarantee with "Superior seconds" quality. SEE BELOW.

  • Firewall panels can be used for roofing, but are not manufactured with a profiled sheet incorporated.  Cover over the roof panels with a single skin profiled sheet.


WARNING . (SECONDS QUALITY MATERIALS) All seconds quality materials are sold by SLE Cladding Ltd as being suitable for the application for which they were designed. No warranty whatsoever is given or implied by SLE Cladding or the product manufacturer. Should a panel or sheet prove faulty within 3 months of purchase, a replacement will be provided free of charge by SLE Cladding Ltd. No claim will be accepted for any consequential loss or losses incurred as a result of the fault.


Sizes Available      (PRIME QUALITY ONLY) Tolerances
Length 2000mm - 15000mm +/- 10mm
Width 600mm - 1150mm +/- 2mm
Thickness 60mm - 150mm +/- 1mm
Depends on availability.



Note. The specifications reproduced below are for "FIREWALL" There are also 3 other specifications called "Firewall Plus", "Firewall Premium", and "Firewall Ceiling" for which the specifications are available on request.

The Firewall wall panel has been designed specifically as a more practical, contractor friendly solution to internal walls and partitions when fire rating is an issue. Once the panels are erected on the site the panel core is completely encased by the interlocking joint detail. This feature allied to the range of food safe steel finishes available means that even the most stringent industry hygiene standards are met.

The core material is high quality non combustible bonded Rockwool with a predominantly vertical fibre structure, which provides high shear, compression and tensile strengths.

  • Foodsafe Laminates.

  • Foodsafe Polyester

  • Pvf2 standard colour range

  • HPS200 standard colour range

  • Assure antibacterial metals

  • Primer coated galvanised

  • Flat

  • Equi. Bead,

  •  Mini Bead

  • Satin Line


Performance and Properties

Rockwool is manufactured from a volcanic rock to which coke and limestone are added. The molten material is spun into wool and small quantities of resin binder and mineral oil are added to lock the strands together and make them water repellent. The wool is formed into a mat, which is carried through ovens where it is cured and compressed giving good structural strength. This mat is used as the core for Firemaster panels.

Rockwool has outstanding properties and performance that makes it especially suitable for the Firemaster panel:

  • Fire - Superb fire properties and rated A1, the safest under the new Euroclass reaction to fire.

  • Insulation - Rockwool has excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

  • Biological - Rockwool is completely rot proof and does not encourage the growth of mould or bacteria.

  • Environment - No. CFCs or HCFCs used in manufacture and it is fully recyclable.

  • Water Resistance - Rockwool mineral wool repels water. The vapour resistance is negligible and usually considered to be same as that of air.

Rockwool non - carcinogenic properties. UK and European Legislation.

The safety of Rockwool mineral wool insulation is confirmed by UK and EU health and safety legislation whereby Rockwool is free from suspicion of carcinogenic effects, i.e. is not classified as a possible human carcinogen (UK HSE "CHIP" Regulations and European Directive 97/69 EC).

A unique feature of Rockwool fibres is that they are bio-soluble - any fibres that are possibly inhaled are soluble in the human body, but are not sensitive in this respect to humidity or other fluids outside the body.

Fraunhofer ITA certificate no. 02G98006A details the results of tests undertaken on Rockwool stone wool in accordance with the required EU method. These results confirm that it is not necessary to classify Rockwool fibres under UK and EU regulations.

 IARC Classification

The conclusion that Rockwool products are safe follows unprecedented world-wide research rigorously examined by independent experts and is further supported by the International Agency for Research on Cancer.

In October 2001 the International Agency  for Research on Cancer ("IARC" part of the World Health Organisation) reviewed its 1987 classification of mineral wool fibres and removed them from its list of possible carcinogens, reflecting the increase in scientific knowledge and the established safety of mineral wool for workers and building occupiers.


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