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 (Leather Grained Plastic Coated Steel)
Profiled Roofing and Cladding Sheets

Supplied manufactured to required lengths

Rooflights. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Rooflights are available in all profiles shown.



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Plastisol coated steel roofing & cladding sheets are a top performing coated steel sheet and ideally suited to UK condition, a 200 microns (nominal thickness) high performance Plastisol coating on a hot-dip zinc coated steel substrate to BS EN 10147. Usually identified by its leather grain or other finish, although it can sometimes have a smooth finish like polyester coated steel.
The steel substrate is cleaned and pre-treated in a multistage process that ensures optimum adherence of the organic coating. It is then coated with primer and cured before the top coating is applied.

Minimum period to first maintenance is the time elapsed between erection of cladding and that point when, although cohesive and mechanically sound, the coating may need  maintenance, This usually means painting due to colour fading. (light colours tend to fade quicker than dark ones)  Life expectancy for Plastisol cladding is forty years plus.

For more information on life expectancy of Plastisol.  CLICK HERE

Typical applications - roofing, cladding, and other building components, such as flashings, curtain walling, infill panels, partitioning, portable accommodation, cold stores, garage doors etc.


Plastisol Colour Chart  

(Standard range of 12 Colours)

 For More Information on Colour and More and Larger Readable Charts CLICK HERE


Disclaimer: These colours are representative only. Cross-check with manufacturers samples
. Other colours are available subject to size of order and availability.


Types of  Profiles & Usage

There are many hundreds of different profiles. SLE Cladding Ltd has a rooflight catalogue containing over 600 different profiles and this is not the sum total of them, as there are many side cladding profiles for which matching rooflights are not manufactured. Fortunately those in common use are a lot less in number.
Below we use as an illustration, a few of the more popular ones. (Apologies for the over use of the colour blue, these drawings are the only ones available at the time that suitably illustrate the various profiles)
1 metre box profile coverwidth sheets have now become very much the standard in roofing and cladding in the UK, giving strength with the economy of width. Profile depths of roofing and cladding sheets are usually between 30 & 34 mm deep. SLE Cladding Ltd can supply sheets in many different profiles to any length, with handling and transportation being the only limiting factors.

Technical Names

  Box Profiles = (Trapezoidal Profiles)  
  Corrugated Profile = (Sinusoidal)  

Box Profiles = (Trapezoidal Profiles)


Below the popular 34/1000 profile in Roofing and Side-cladding profiles
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 34/1000 Roofing Profile. (Also used as side-cladding)  

Side Lap

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 34/1000 Side Cladding Profile

  Side Lap

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Illustrated above is a very popular 32/1000 profile of which we sell considerable quantities.
This was originally a British Steel profile, who then became Corus. So there is a lot of this profile about.
Corus abandoned this profile in 2008 for one of a slightly different design, before themselves being taken over by TATA STEEL Ltd. This profile is now produced for us by an independent profiler


Corrugated (Sinusoidal) Profiles


The Corrugated Profile (Sinusoidal) Illustrated above is a  13.5 x 3" corrugated sheet. Giving 39" coverwidth with 1.5 sidelaps  

1.5 corr. Side Lap



Coverwidths in Corrugated Sheets

Modern corrugated sheets can vary in coverwidth from 2ft (8 x 3" corr) to as much as 3ft-4.5". (13.5 x 3" corr) Corrugated Sheets are often described by the number of 3" wide corrugations without counting the last lapping corrugation, which can be one or one and a half corrugations. Thus the popular 10 x 3" corrugation sheet covers 2ft. 6" with one no. extra side lap making 11 corrugations, similarly the 12 x 3" corrugated sheet covers 3ft with 13 corrugations. Illustrated above is a 13.5 x 3" corrugation which is the widest sheet normally available.

Modern plastisol profile manufacturers use the same standard width coil as used for the metre wide coverwidth box profile, this in its corrugated form produces a its maximum a 13.5 x 3" corrugated sheet

Lining Panels
A typical 19mm Internal Lining Panel. Usually in .4 - .45mm thick white enamel. For full details click on the above drawing to go to lining panel page Side Laps



Older Profiles

Once a very popular the 26/900 profile along with WA6 profile. Both are now now mainly only used for matching repairs. The  900mm and 914mm coverwidths cost the same as the modern 1 metre coverwidth sheets



26/900 Roofing Profile Side Lap.



26/900 Cladding Profile

Side Laps

26/900 Profile. Above a very early profile found on a lot of the older buildings in the UK. Still available from an independent profiler, but now only used for repairs and refurbishment as the narrower coverwidth costs the same as the modern metre coverwidth sheets. Sometimes seen in narrower coverwidths. (See EP  page) Matching rooflights in GRP are still available.
WA6 Profile. As per drawing above. Another very early profile found on a lot of the older buildings in the UK. Still available but now only used for repairs and refurbishment as the narrower coverwidth cost the same as the modern metre coverwidth sheets. GRP Rooflights are still available. It is a lot stronger profile than the 26/900 on account of its profile depth of 38mm.
Click Here to see more drawings of the above and other popular profiles.

Other Coatings

The profiled sheets as illustrated above are also available in a smooth Polyester finish as well as in plain galvanised steel. Click opposite to visit our pages on them

for Polyester Coated Steel Sheets.

for Galvanised Steel Sheets


Curved Sheets

Curved Sheets  Corrugated Plastisol is also  available to order  as curved sheets in the  0.7mm substrate in the range of 12 standard colours above. Other colours are subject to availability.

  Click Here to see our page on Curved Sheets.

Fitting & fixing instructions.


CLICK HERE  For our DIY pages giving basic measuring, fitting & fixing instructions.


Corrosion prevention barrier.

For a quality long lasting roof it is advisable to place a barrier between the sheets and the purlins on which they rest to prevent any corrosion of the sheets from the purlins. This is most important where livestock are being housed. It applies equally to both metal and timber purlins as timber purlins are often tanalised (pressure treated with chemicals to prevent rot) In the case of existing metal purlins remove any build up of rust. The barrier can be a liberal coating of bitumen paint, plastic tape or other products such as roofing felt cut into strips.


Split Orders
Beware when ordering any colour coated sheeting for a project in stages separated by weeks or months or even days. The subsequent orders will not be cut from the same coil or group of coils and thus there is a strong possibility that there will be a difference in shades between orders. This is beyond the control of both the steel manufacturer and SLE Cladding Ltd.

White coloured sheets
No manufacturer of coated profile sheets (plastisol, polyester & others)  will give a warranty as to the exact shade of white on any coil matching previous made coils.

They therefore recommend that on large contracts such as the side cladding of large warehouses or stores with white coloured roofing or cladding sheets, that all the sheets should be purchased as one order and on site the sheets should be shuffled by drawing from more than one pack at a time.

This action should blend in any change of shade between coils and provide a uniform shade of white throughout the building's length.


For long term storage, Plastisol sheets in pack form MUST be stored in a dry condition in a dry store, preferably heated.


Restoring old buildings with Plastisol.
This once fine old  bowling club house below, was in a very sorry state until restored to its former glory with a new plastisol roof and to a new life as a store room. Click on the picture to learn more about restoring old industrial buildings.


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