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For over and under purlin applications in Commercial and Industrial applications

SLE Cladding Ltd Notes.
Before the introduction of Composite Cladding, insulating roofs involved the use of white or foil faced insulation boards as featured below, plus lining panels, moisture barriers and other accessories together with large quantities of Tee bars, H Bars and Angle section plus a lot of labour.
Celotex Insulation Boards. Today Composite Cladding has resulted in a much reduced  demand for Celotex Insulation Boards, Tee & H Bars, etc, other than for repairs, such as after fire damage etc. SLE Cladding Ltd no longer carry stocks of Celotex White Faced or Foil Faced, Boards but we can still obtain them  to order, Mineral wool insulation is still stocked.
Tee Bars etc. Most former manufacturers have ceased production of these products, but SLE Cladding Ltd can still help. We can produce them in house in 3 metre lengths in Galv, White Polyester and Colorcoat Plastisol. CLICK HERE to go to our page on them for further details.
Composite Cladding.  To visit our pages on Composite Cladding  CLICK HERE
 Insulating lining board for use in commercial, agricultural and industrial roofing applications. Offered with a choice of either grey painted stucco embossed foil face, or a plain aluminium foil face. Celotex LG3000 gives the following benefits
  • Approval from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)
  • A euroclass B fire rating
  • Fully approved by fire insurers for use on commercial and industrial buildings
  • Provides a semi-decorative internal finish
  • For use in both under purlin and over purlin constructions
  • Light weight, rapidly installed and easily cut to shape.


  Celotex LG3000 Technical Data
 Product Code Thickness (mm) R-value (m2K/W) Weight (kg/m2
LG3025 25 1.10 1.01
LG3030 30 1.35 1.17
LG3040 40 1.80 1.49
LG3050 50 2.25 1.80


Example U- value Calculation: cold industrial roof - LG3000
Construction LG3000 over purlin. Thickness (mm)
Outside surface resistance -
Weathering system -
Ventilated cavity -
Variable layer (over purlin) See Below
Inside surface resistance -
Variable layer. Celotex Product & Mineral Wool Product Total Thickness (mm) U-value (W/m2k)
Celotex LG3000 + 95mm mineral wool 50 + 95 0.25
Celotex LG3000 + 105mm mineral wool 40 + 105 0.25
Celotex LG3000 + 115mm mineral wool 25 + 115 0.25
Celotex LG3000 + 140mm mineral wool 50 + 140 0.20
Celotex LG3000 + 150mm mineral wool 40 + 150 0.20
Celotex LG3000 + 115mm mineral wool 30 + 115 0.25
Celotex LG3000 + 160mm mineral wool 30 + 160 0.20
Celotex LG3000 + 170mm mineral wool 25 + 170 0.20


For further information please contact SLE Cladding Ltd. Tel. 01948 666 321. Fax.  01948 66 55 32



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